Decorate a fireplace

fireplace ideasAbout how to decorate a fireplace ideas for the New Year thinks anyone who he is. As a rule, the fireplace ideas is at the heart of the room and it always attracts the attention of visitors. fireplace ideass add warmth and tranquility, comfort and relaxation room during the cold months and create a worthy backdrop for festive family photo portrait. To create stories need an appropriate entourage. The significance of the Christmas tree has not been canceled, but the fireplace ideas decorated with fir branches, candles, garlands, Christmas socks a worthy competitor to the forest fireplace ideas beautiful.

Prepare fireplace ideas:

1) fresh or fireplace ideas artificial garland (an integral part of the fireplace ideasfireplace ideas decorations – garland, general decor of any suitable size and color of the room, the most popular – fir garland, natural garland created simply: fir branches fireplace ideas attached to each other in length by a thin wire of dark color);
2) all kinds of Christmas decorations (Santa Claus or Santa, Christmas wreath, Christmas vases composition of pine branches, cones and other things, themed candles and candle holders, small and large toys);
3) Christmas garlands with flashlights;
4) family fireplace ideas photos in a beautiful frame (optional);
5) towel or “board track” (narrow decoration of fabrics middle of the table), or any suitable long narrow padded cloth;
6) high fireplace ideas Christmas decorations and / or candle;
7) Long decorative festive ribbons / tape fireplace ideas.

fireplace ideasLook at the fireplace ideas existing room or even in boxes festive elements that will come to your style. Generally, people fireplace ideas use some specific details of the New Year decorations and ornaments from year to year – as part of a family tradition. Old clockwork Santa Claus or Santa, family photos in antique frames, brass or silver candlesticks – all this you will need to enter in your original idea for this year. As the easiest option – Translated New Year fir garland with lanterns, and secure the fireplace ideasperimeter of the fire, voila, the decoration done. And it will fit in almost any environment, with any additions.

Put on the mantelpiece a long, narrow cloth / towel / “board track” can be embroidered, beaded / sequined, etc., or curly. It will be the basis of festive decor fireplace ideas. Since on the mantel and around and hung usually put a lot of jewelery, usually fireplace ideas choose one-color or striped fabric with a light embroidery, not to overload the overall impression details. Conversely, if the fireplace ideas will be only two elegant candlesticks or a family picture with the figure of Santa Claus, or, for example, winter vase with two candles – all without garlands – beautiful, colorful embroidered towels will be fitting.